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Wild bees.jpg
The hives of wild himalayan bees form a necklace on the surface of the rock. Their honey tastes excellent, they say, but difficult to get.

Who speaks English.jpg
While Nepali goverment apparently grounded the commercial air fleet, this pilot quit his job to be able to resque people from the disaster area.

Wave of clouds.jpg
The clouds wave goodbye. We do not know that yet, but soon a helicopter will come for us.

A group of trekkers in the shantytown. Efforts of Austin and others, who helped making the evacuation organized, convinced locals to follow some order, and eventually made possible the removal of women, children, and elderly, cannot be…

A group of survivors living on a cup of tea.

While everyone was distressed, upset, or tired, this person kept preparing tea and treated everyone with what seemed a delicious brew.

A group of local villagers who lost their homes and relatives during the quake, awaiting evacuation.

Small stupa in Syabru Besi. The canyon behind it is winding North, toward Tibet.

People built a shantytown at a reasonable distance from the mountains to spend nights waiting for evacuation. Fresh scars of recent avalanches are seen throughout the valley.

Rhododendrons started to show higher up, their flowers as drops of blood on the rock.

Nima with a girl.jpg
Visiting a family of tea-house owners, not far from Syafru Besi.

Nima Sherpa and yours truly. We are about the same age.

Wild monkey pride enjoying their time in the trees on the other side of the canyon.

Lille girl in Langtang.jpg
A little girl in a teahouse in Langtang before the quake.

Last light of day.jpg
Langtang Lirung and its brother in the last light of day.

Langtang stream.jpg
Langtang river near Syafru Besi, at the beginning of the treck. High above, Gosaikunda lake region is covered in snow.

Langtang sky.jpg
Clouds trapped between the mountains in Langtang. It's getting dark.

Langtang skies.jpg
Stratospheric clouds above Langtang valley

Langtang pine.jpg
Langtang valley past Lama hotel.

Langtang Lirung HDR.jpg
Langtang Lirung (7234 m) from Godatabela (3000 m)

Langtang Lirung.jpg
Langtang Lirung and Langtang II from Godatabela.

Langtang helipad.jpg
Helicopter pad at military checkpoint in Langtang valley.

Langtang close.jpg
Langtang Lirung and Langtang II from the valley

Horses carrying goods from Syafru Besi to Kensin ghompa.

Next day after the quake, the sun came through the clouds, and hope came with it.

This heli is not landing for us... A small resque helicopter passing toward Kesnin ghompa.

handmade craft shop.jpg
A shop selling hand made craft.

Going up.jpg
Going up on the treck is progressively harder for newbies. The sherpa has to wait.

Girl in Langtang.jpg
Visiting a family of tea-house owners, not far from Syafru Besi.

Destroyed village 2.jpg
What seemed like a flow of dirty ice, sledge, with rocks rolling with it, created enormous pressure, destroyed houses that survived the quake, dragged debris for hundreds of meters, and also injured, and in other cases killed people.

Destroyed village.jpg
A destroyed village just above Godatabela military checkpoint, one hour after earthquake and subsequent avalanche.

A metal bridge on the treck.

People boarding the MI-17 military evacuation helicopter. This time women and children seemed to have priority.

A birdy looking like tit stays close to bush for safety.

Below Thulo Syabru.jpg
A furious stream running from the Thulo Syabru area 1300 m above.

The hives of wild himalayan bees form a necklace on the surface of the rock. Their honey tastes excellent, they say, but difficult to get.

baby yak.jpg
A baby yak near Lama hotel.

At military checkpoint.jpg
People gathering at the military checkpoint after the quake.

audio johanna.jpg

Upper Langtang.

Young boy of Langtang

Children of Langtang

Langtang village resident on the trail

Resident of Langtang village in the village

Jesse and Sherpa friend, small peak east of Langtang Lirung

Langtang005 copy.jpg
Resident of Langtang village in the village

Langtang004 copy.jpg
Syabru Besi village, my favorite Lufthansa office!
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