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Activities and people involved with Langtang Valley Health, a medical clinic serving Langtang since 2012


Virginia Dixon works at the National Capital Private Hospital in Woden, Australia, and has been travelling to Nepal for 20 years. She is the founding Trustee of Langtang Valley Health Australia, a clinic/health post in Langtang that employed two Nepalese nurses. The initiative began in 2012 to organize donors to "sponsor" nurses and health workers to ensure skilled staff stay in the rural region. The Langtang Valley Health Center has since ceased operation after the 2015 earthquake, as the clinic was destroyed and both nurses died. Virginia is focused on rebuilding efforts in Nepal via the organization Sustainable Steps. Maintaining long-term goals focused on health, her mission is to develop, support, and sustain the provision of primary health and emergency medical care to the inhabitants of, and visitors to, the Langtang region of Nepal. This is achieved through support of, and partnership with our project partner organisation, Kyanjengumba Langtang Society.

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Langtang Valley Clinic sign
Langtang Valley Health (Australia) - (LVH) was set up to support Kanjen Gumba Langtang Society (KGLS) to provide primary health and emergency medical care to the Langtang community.

Tshering Pema Tamang
"Tshering Pema Tamang (TP), established an NGO called Kanjen Gumba Langtang Society (KGLS) to partner with LVH"

The reason behind the clinic
"TP showing me the article he had written for the newspaper referring to the amount of tourist dollars that flow into the region, but explaining that none of those resources are used to benefit the community by providing permanent health care."

Virginia Dixon - 4.Pemba, our Project Manager
Pemba Taktok Sherpa, our Project Manager of Langtang Valley Health (Australia) (LVH)

LVH Poster
Poster advertising LVH

Original clinic
Photo of the original clinic building.

Renovated clinic
The renovated clinic.

Original clinic ward
The soot blackened walls of one of the clinic

Ward before painting
The ward before some trekkers painted it

Ward after painting
The ward after it was painted

Consultation room after painting
The consultation room after renovations

Clinic telephone
A landline was connected

LVH Committee 2013
"Virginia and Paul Dixon, Edi Albert and Deb Smith _ we went to visit the clinic, have planning meetings and work out where to go from here"

Home for our staff
We rented this house from Dawa to provide accommodation for clinic staff and volunteers.

Virginia Dixon - 18. List of Gov equipment, medications and supplies
The list of Government provided items of equipment, medications and supplies that the Government gives to all Health Posts

Donations Box
The donations box

Sale of t-shirts
Sample and posters advertising the sale of t-shirts to raise funds for the clinic

Portable Altitude Chamber (Gamow Bag)

PAC instruction
"Kate and Amy took the PAC to Langtang, taught the community how to use it, and it was to raise much needed funds for the clinic."

Saving the life of a French trekker
She is being treated for Altitude Illness in the middle of the night until a helicopter can come in which it did the following morning.

Rotten Teeth
People had to go to Kathmandu if they wanted or needed dental care other than antibiotics for an abcess or pulled their own teeth out

Dental equipment
Dental equipment

Pramila at work
Pramila at work

Hari Number 2
Hari Number 2


Sonam at dental training
Sonam at dental training with HDSN

Sonam with her dental tools
Sonam with her dental tools

TP & the Rotary Club of Dilli Bazaar
TP being presented with a certificate from the Rotary Club of Dili Bazaar in Kathmandu

KGLS meeting
Community meetings

Community meeting
Community meetings

KGLS meeting
Community meetings

KGLS meeting
Community meetings

KGLS meeting
Community meetings

KGLS meeting with Mike
Community meetings

Community meeting
Community meetings

Avalanche roof damage
The clinic without its roof

Fixing the roof
TP arranged for the roof to be replaced

The clinic all fixed
The clinic was back to being functional again
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