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Victor Klymko


Victor Klymko's photos chronicle his journey up into Langtang Valley and the subsequent immediate and chaotic fallout of the April 25th, 2015…

Susan and Jesse Brandt


Brian Peniston


Photos of village life in Langtang taken during Peace Corps in 1975. .

Sebastian Montaz

Shyapru before going to Langtang.jpg

Filmmaker Seb Montaz, alpinist Jordi Tosas and ultra-runner Kilian Jornet travel to Langtang two days after the 2015 quake.

Daniel Miller

page 43.jpg

Black and white photos taken during time as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1974.

Jan Moller Hansen

IMG_1984 1.jpg

Portraits of the earthquake survivors photographed at the Yellow Gompa, the internally displaced camp for Langtang residents in Kathmandu.

Peace Corps Photos (1962-1974)

D Hall-10.jpg

Contributions from the Peace Corps Nepal Photo Project.

Virginia Dixon

Virginia Dixon - 78.Rest in peace Dawa.JPG

Activities and people involved with Langtang Valley Health, a medical clinic serving Langtang since 2012

David Breashears

Post Earthquake Photos of Langtang Valley

Joseph Shea

jose shea - _DSC0309.JPG

Scientific photos of the Langtang Valley pre and post earthquake.

Chhime Tamang

C Tamang-11.jpg

Chhime Tamang is a photographer from the Langtang Valley.

Choephel Dhomaray

C Dhomaray-5.jpg

Photos of the Langtang Valley by Choephel Dhomaray

Kartok Lama

K Lama-4.jpg

Photos from the Langtang Valley taken by Kartok Lama and submitted in the Langtang Rising Photos exhibit in Kathamandu March 5th, 2016.

Kevin Bubriski

K Bubriski-15.jpg

Black and white photos of the Langtang valley from Peace Corps in 1975. Featuring village life, mountains, wild animals.

Ngawang Dorjee

N Dorjee-13.jpg

Photos from the Langtang Valley by Ngawang Dorjee

Pasang Tamang

P Tamang-5.jpg

Johanna Fricke Audio


A collection of audio soundscapes, vignettes and oral histories produced with members of the Langtangpa community.

Prasiit Sthapit


Photographs of the immediate aftermath of the 2015 earthquake.

Lhakpa Jangba Tamang

L Jangba-24.jpg

Photos from Kyangin Gompa and Langtang valley by local resident and bakery owner Lhakpa Jangba.

Austin Lord

ALord Photos-40.jpg

Austin Lord was in Langtang Valley with his parents when the earthquake hit, while assisting in the initial emergency response he captured a few…

Athena Zelandonii

AZelandonii Langtang Quake-17.jpg

Immediate aftermath of the 2015 earthquake in Langtang.